Paid search advertising

FB Posts designs and paid search advertising was my strategy to get DC Passover vacations LLC the leads they needed. We wanted to capture information from people actively in the market for a vacation.


Paid search advertising was our strategy to get DC Passover vacations LLC the leads they needed. We wanted to capture information from people actively in the market for a vacation.
An intent-based search campaign was the exact solution required to generate leads.

We had to establish all of the tools to track conversions from phone calls to form submissions, to ensure the client could track everything from an ROI perspective.

Tracking these conversions helps the client nail down a cost per lead which opens the opportunity of scaling the campaign upward with larger budgets.

Circling back around, it also allows us to make decisions on the quality of the incoming leads where we can improve keyword targeting & build negative keyword lists.
How We Got Started

DC Passover vacations LLC reached out to us in August 2021, wanting new Leads for the company PPC campaign At the time, they didn’t have a website for their branch but rather individual websites for their hotels. Early on, we diagnosed that these individual agent sites weren’t beneficial for SEO, and we recommended creating a team site for their DC Passover vacations LLD instead. We worked on creating an ad campaign to set them apart in their area.

Their Problem
DC Passover vacations LLC had a competing franchise in their exact target market. They needed to stand out in their area and gain leads quickly. We needed a strong advertising campaign to ensure they got the leads they needed. This case study goes over how we used a paid search advertising campaign to create lead generation for DC Passover vacations LLD .

Our Strategy We had to make sure our strategy would outperform DC Passover vacations LLC Lending’s competition. Below is the paid search advertising strategy we chose to accomplish this:
PPC Strategy:

Keyword Research. After researching what keywords would perform the best, we decided to focus our campaign on “Passover vacations .” Passover Stays”
Google Restrictions.

Early on, we discovered that Google had tight restrictions on ad campaigns centered around traveling. We had to carefully work around those restrictions to ensure they didn’t impact the results of our campaign.
Landing Page.

While their new team website was being built, we needed a place to direct potential customers. We used Unbounce to create a landing page for our paid search advertising campaign.
Conversion Tracking.

Some conversions can be hard to track, like phone calls. We connected CallRail to our Google Ads campaign to get better conversion data and results from our campaign.

Scalable Budget. We started our campaign budget at around $2000. Over time as leads came in, the budget was scaled upward.

We add Remarketing and FB Ads To the Campaign