UI/UX case study for GS Design and Build

UI/UX case study for GS Design and Build

Intro: Intro: Full UI\ UX design, building the website, designing the logo, and promoting the website.

Objective: To create a simple and high-level architecture/construction website that appeals to customers. 

Planning: The first step of my planning phase is to analyze my research findings and then group them through similar patterns and commonalities with an exercise called Affinity Diagram. The Affinity Diagram helps me categorize insights that stand out and turn them into design opportunities.

Project Goals: To create an outstanding website that covers all services for a low budget. 

Functionality: The structure of the website allows clients to freely navigate and order services from it.

Elements: Photoshop Adobe, Illustrator, Back Office Program, Figma, WordPress, Elementor Pro.

Client review: 5-star review from clients, sales increase by 200%, satisfied website owner, growing company.