Complete design of all parts of the application including User Research Plan, Guide, User Research, Empathy Map, Journey Map, Persona, User Flow, Competitive Analysis, Problem Statement, Scenarios, Sketches, Site map, Mood Board, Wire flow, Discussion Guide, Research Plan, Prototype, Usability Testing Synthesis, and Logo Design

VennPass App 2023 – Case Study

Venn-GYM-Pass - App 2023 Design and build by Irit Blumenthal


Project Background:

Venn-Pass is a free gym membership belonging to Venn Global Network. It provides free access to neighborhood gyms in Venn Global network in over 32 cities worldwide. Upon signing up, the user can choose which gym they choose, if the gym is crowded, has a pool, or if they have friends and neighbors in the gym at present. After signing up to the gym they will receive the QR code and they can open the gym’s door, with ease.

Venn-GYM-Pass is a free feature unique, community-focused tool that make it easier for residents to stay healthy, choose the closest gym and connect with each other & the wider community—a top predictor of retention.

Key Elements:

  • Full UI\ UX design
  • Building the App 
  • Designing the logo
  • Full User Research
  • Figma
  • Miro 
  • Marvel 
  • Google Slides 

Research objectives:

  • To choose a gym in the neighborhood  
  • Allow users to see different types of gyms 
  • Allow users to see if their friends are in the gyms
    Allow the user to see if the gym is crowded   
  • Ensure users can sign in to the gym through the app.

The focus is that people will be able to go to any gym in their neighborhood, free of charge and use the existing network to enjoy all the amenities


Problem Statement

Empathy Map

Mood Board

User Flows

Site Map

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